Travel Tips

Planning and preparation are essential to maximizing time on the tradeshow floor and in the classroom. The following tips will help simplify the process. Learn the tips to maximize your experience at Premiere Columbus.

Before You Leave

Set Your Budget - A Beauty Show like Premiere Columbus is an investment for you and your salon. To avoid overspending, create a limit for yourself and stick to it!

Create A Plan - It's easy to get distracted at a beauty show; make sure you have a check list of what you wish to accomplish at the show. You can maximize your time and energy by creating a dedicated schedule for classes, shopping and networking. Premiere Columbus has a detailed Show Preview that can help you plan your days at the show by the hour. Plus don't forget to pick up your Day of Show Program to see latest happenings at Premiere Columbus.

Education - As Kim Vo said, "if you are not up-to-date you are out-of-date!" Your clients want the latest products or styles and you need to be their go to person. Make sure you take advantage of these educational opportunities that can help you take leaps over your competition.

Bring photo ID, beauty industry credentials and your show ticket.

At the Show

Test Before You Buy - You really can try the products, tools or software firsthand before you even buy it. Exhibiting companies at the show want you to try the tools or products so you know you are buying something of value. The possibilities are endless.

Networking - Premiere Columbus is the hub for beauty owners and all beauty industry specialist to connect, learn and network. It's important to create these relationships to understand the industry's success, failures and trends. Create bonds that go past the show floor.

Pick up your Show Program at the show which includes up-to-date:

  • Company Names & Booth #
  • Exhibit Floor Map
  • Classroom Map
  • Education Schedules

Have your show ticket? Go directly to one of the show entrances!

To purchase your show ticket onsite: Follow the signs to REGISTRATION.

SAVE MONEY! Make sure to visit our exhibit floor for show-only specials!